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PS3 DOOM R3 Released


Xttl has released DOOM PS3 R3. This is the 3rd update to his DOOM port for the PS3. And its coming only very nicely indeed! The changes are listed below. Also to play this DOOM port you need to find the needed IWAD files. Either shareware ones or retail. Then copy a supported DOOM IWAD to the game’s directory (/dev_hdd0/game/DOOM00666/USRDIR/) OR put it on a USB drive (or on a CF/SD/MMC/MS memory card if you have an early PS3 that has the integrated card readers) under /ps3doom/. Then you just launch the game from the XMB icon and it should work.

PS3 DOOM R3 changes:

        Sound effects should work pretty much perfectly now, there’s a simple launcher that will allow you to select an IWAD if you have multiple ones available (no PWADs yet, and the launcher menu only lists the first 10 IWADs it finds which can happen if you have duplicates of them on different storage devices) and in case an error happens after graphics have been initalized, you’ll see the error message on screen. (not just via ethernet debugging if enabled).
        I also switched the license to GPLv2 now (the DOOM source is available both under GPL and under another license that basically disallows any commercial use of the work, but allows you to withhold your sources). I had no intention to not release sources anyway, and this allows me to use code from other GPL’d ports. The 720p scaler in use now is from Chocolate Doom (though adapted to work with true transparencies instead of faking them with palette lookup tables) and 1080i/p is done using a similar idea.
        v3 supported screenmodes: 1920×1080 and 1280×720. 640×480 and 720×576 STILL DO NOT WORK. Sorry! If you want to force 720p mode when you have 1080i or 1080p available, hold TRIANGLE immediately after you select PS3DOOM’s icon from XMB and keep it held down until the launcher WAD menu appears. This is a workaround until I can figure out a way to query available video modes using PSL1GHT. I don’t just want to assume a particular mode is available, and PSL1GHT’s videoTest example just selects the same mode XMB is running in, which is always the highest resolution available.
        You may want to force 720p because the scaler in 1080i/p is a bit slow. ;-)
        I also changed the controls to analog now.
        The hardcoded controls are:

            * D-PAD: Navigate menus.
            * LEFT STICK: Move your character.
            * RIGHT STICK: Turn your character.
            * START: Bring up or exit the menu.
            * SELECT: Bring up or exit the auto-map. (while in game)
            * L1/R1: Strafe left/right.
            * L2: Use button. (open doors, activate lifts, exit the intermission screen, etc.)
            * R2: Attack button.
            * CROSS: Select an option from the menus.
            * CIRCLE: Go back to the previous menu.
            * SQUARE: Use for YES in menus and cycle to previous weapon in game.
            * TRIANGLE: Use for NO in menus and cycle to next weapon in game.

Download ps3doom_v003.pkg